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  • Full Grooms include ears plucked when necessary, ears cleaned, nails trimmed and dremeled, hydromassage bath with shampoo and conditioner selected specially for your pet's coat type and needs. Fluff drying by hand, brush out and groomed according to breed type, activity and your directions.

  • Severly matted pets will not be dematted as it is painful and causes your pet great discomfort. They will be bathed, shaved, rebathed with a skin soothing shampoo, and groomed to look their best with the hope that they will be placed on a regular grooming schedule to ensure that they keep their new look.

  • Bath and tidies are for those times in between grooms when you simply want your pet to look his best, clean, fresh and fluffy. The pet receives his hydromassage bath, fluff drying, brush out and his feet, face, nails and "potty patch" are then trimmed.

  • Love's grooms most breeds under 40 pounds and a select few over 40 pounds, and I love Standard Poodles.

  • I reserve the right to refuse a dog or send a dog home at any point during a groom should his behavior become a liability.